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Bitcoin Investment Opportunities

There are many Bitcoin Investment Opportunites available... But which are the best?

  • You can invest in very lucrative Bitcoin Investments with or without utilizing "Qualified Funds (IRAs)"
  • Learn Different Ways People Are Increasing Their Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Portfolios, Without Simply Purchasing Additional Cryptocurrency
  • Our Recommended Cryptocurrency Investment Vehicle That Will Increase Your Portfolio Daily

Investing In Bitcoin With Your IRA

Investing in Bitcoin through your IRA requires knowledge, but it is easy if you work with us. Here is how to get yourself setup the RIGHT WAY.

We can help with:

  • Facilitating the setup process of your Self-directed IRA
  • Setting up an LLC and an LLC Checkbook Account to invest in Bitcoin Mining Contracts
  • Sourcing the finest Bitcoin Providers
  • Assistance with transferring funds to your new Self-Directed Bitcoin Mining IRA

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are making News DAILY

  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency World News Headlines
  • Latest Bitcoin-related Investment Opportunities
  • Our Unique Insight Allows You To Capitalize On Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Current Events

Bitcoin Is Taking The World By Storm

Bitcoin Investment News will help you access one of the most important and potent revenue-generating opportunities in the history of investment.

Bitcoin was released to the World in 2009 at a per-Bitcoin price of 1/1000th of a cent. Today's Bitcoin Market Cap is in the BILLIONS, and Cryptocurrencies, combined, are fast approaching a Market Cap of $100 Billion

As of this writing (May 22, 2017) $10,000 invested in Bitcoin just a few years ago is now worth 100's of millions dollars.

But, the Bitcoin phenomena is just beginning...

More and more respected financial minds, including  Billionaires such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines, etc), traditional investment firms, such as Fidelity Investments, international banks, large corporations and others have taken the Bitcoin explosion seriously… and are recommending and/or investing deeply in Bitcoin. In the United States you can even invest in Bitcoin in your IRA or 401k.

Internationally more and more countries are adopting Bitcoin into their monetary system, alongside their fiat currencies... Japan, India, Australia, China, Norway, South Korea, to name a few.

You too can join this revolution, just like the “big boys”, without the need for millions of dollars to invest…

Bitcoin Investment News was developed to provide you with real-time news of where Bitcoin is at any moment, to provide you with the foundation you need to maximize your Bitcoin Portfolio, and the best vehicles available to you for maximum growth and minimum risk...

Our goal is to help us all increase our Bitcoin portfolios, SAFELY

Bitcoin Investing

What Is The Ideal Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency
Investment Vehicle?

Invest Safely

As with any investment, there are no guarantees.

We suggest only investment vehicles that utilize real business models to increase your Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

Bitcoin Investing & Crypto Investment can be your best friend, as long as you know with whom to partner.

Earn Consistently

A secure investment should provide reliable returns.

Whether you wish to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency, our recommended vehicles will increase your portfolio value regularly.

New Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency will arrive in your Wallet Daily.

Earn 100% Passively

The Investment Vehicles we recommend offer very lucrative ROI, however they do not require any input on your part...

These Investments run passively, on total "auto-pilot".

Earn 10%-15%+ monthly with no effort on your part.

Real Bitcoin Investment & Cryptocurrency Profits Partnering with Real Businesses:

The investment vehicles we recommend generate fresh Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency coins, resulting from daily business transactions.

These businesses engage in Bitcoin Mining, Ethereum Mining, and mining certain other popular cryptocurrencies.

Our investment vehicles prove and demonstrate how they are  generating returns through transparent and publicly verifiable means.

Getting Started With Bitcoin

Our Recommended Investment Vehicle:

Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin Mining as an Investment

Cryptocurrency Mining:
Earn 10% - 15%+ Monthly

"Cryptocurrency Mining" involves verifying cryptocurrency transactions on open cryptocurrency networks and ledgers.

Miners are awarded "crypto-coins" for facilitating cryptocurrency exchange transactions.

Cryptocurrency Mines generate new crypto-coins daily. Miners keep all the cryptocurrency coins they earn and/or distribute the new coins to participating members in their mining pools.

IMPORTANT: Crypto-Mining is performed, 100% by automated computers. No investment of time on your part is necessary

VIDEO: What is Bitcoin Mining?

VIDEO: Inside a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Mining Farm...


Why This Is Our Recommended Investment Vehicle

There are MANY purported methods for increasing your Cryptocurrency Portfolio... but most do not qualify as "investments" and are really more like "gambling".

Mining for BitcoinCrypto-Mining is Different

In concept, Crypto-Mining allows anyone with as little as a cell phone or home computer to link into the Cryptocurrency Network and lend their own computing power to assist in processing cryptocurrency transactions for a share of daily earnings.

What Work Is Involved?

Once the computer hardware is setup and connected to the Internet and the Cryptocurrency transaction networks, NO MORE WORK IS REQUIRED. Computers do all the "work" in this system, miners simply enjoy the benefits.

Cryptocurrency Mining farms exist all over the World to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity... Many people are even purchasing specialized cryptocurrency mining hardware to run out of their homes to mine Cryptocurrency. While this may sound enticing to many, it is not practical because as more cryptocurrency is mined, the processing power to mine a single "coin" becomes prohibitive for the average person to do at home.

Enter - Cryptocurrency Mining Farms... A better way to mine cryptocurrency

By partnering with a cryptocurrency mining company, you can maximally capitalize on this unprecedented financial opportunity, and not only enjoy additional wealth from holding rapidly appreciating Cryptocurrency, but also INCREASE your Cryptocurrency Portfolio daily (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies), without involving yourself in the technical issues of Cryptocurrency Mining...

Cryptocurrency Mining Pools

Mining pools allow you to purchase processing power in existing Cryptocurrency Mines, and reap daily Cryptocurrency in your Cryptocurrency Wallet.

As the price of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies increases, your mining processing power becomes more and more profitable...

This is because the hardware and fixed costs, such as energy costs, involved in mining remain constant, as the value of the mined crypto rises.

Think of it like oil drilling, or gold & silver mining... as the value of the commodity rises, mining becomes more profitable. The same is true for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining. Of course, if there is a dip in Cryptocurrency value, you will earn less during that period of time, but you will still reap a daily profit.

As of this writing, participation in a Bitcoin or other Crypto mining farm, is yielding returns between 10% - 15%+ per month... Remember, this is in a legitimate business with unlimited upside potential.

You can verify that your mining provider is mining new Crypto on your behalf because each "coin" they distribute to you has a "birth/origin date" ... which may easily be validated with public ledgers and records.

Learn the details of Bitcoin Mining in this article.

Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Distribution
Bitcoin "Hashrate Distribution" Chart... Top Miners of Bitcoin are Shown Here

The Top 3 Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency
Mining Organizations

Bitcoin Mining is a dynamic market with prices changing regularly. The top companies mentioned below may change their cost of processing power, and average returns on investments from time to time prior to your purchasing a mining contract. Currently HashFlare offers the best terms, averaging 15%+ per month returns. However, before you purchase a mining contract we recommend you contact us to make sure this is still the recommended company for Bitcoin Mining Contracts at the time of your purchase.


for Mining Bitcoin

Hashflare has been in continuous operation since April 2015.

Hashflare is considered a leader in cryptocurrency mining, and is well respected within the "Crypto-Mining" community.

The parent company of Hashflare is Hashcoins. Hashcoins is a cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer. They also operate several other successful businesses within the Cryptocurrency market space.

Hashflare has an advantage over other miners being a manufacturer of mining hardware. They enjoy maximum cost savings when building their farms because of this.

Hashflare offers computing power to mine: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, and Scrypt currencies (including Litecoin).

 To mine Bitcoin (BTC) with Hashflare, use their "SHA-256" package, not the "Scrypt" package.

NOTE: HashFlare is currently our recommended provider for mining Bitcoin. They are currently providing the highest return for "Hashrate" purchased. However, prices and terms may change prior to your purchasing your contract.



Genesis Mining

for Mining Ethereum

Genesis Mining is the oldest public Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining operation around, starting operation in February 2014.

Genesis Mining is also the World's Largest Cryptocurrency Mine.

Their mines are located in Iceland.

Genesis Mining set the pace for other mining farms to follow, and has always been a leader in the industry.

Genesis Mining offers mining for: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, Monero, and Dash.

Genesis Mining is our recommended provider for Ethereum mining because they offer 2 year Ethereum mining contracts vs. others who offer 1 year contracts. 

Use this PROMO CODE and SAVE 3%:


Hashing24 is partnered with BitFury. BitFury is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers in the world. Being exclusive partners with BitFury offers Hashing24 an advantage over many other mining operations because their costs to acquire new mining hardware is at an absolute minimum.

Most of Hashing24's mines are located in Iceland, where electricity is the cheapest in the World, due to geothermal electricity generation, plus - cooling costs are minimal due to Iceland's cool/cold climate.

Hashing24 only offers mining contracts for Bitcoin (BTC).

Hashing24 offers a DEMO ACCOUNT if you would like to witness the kind of return you can expect for any value mining contract.

Bitcoin Mining Calculator (Spreadsheet)

Please use the spreadsheet to assist you in calculating your approximate daily Bitcoin earnings using current Bitcoin price, your investment amount, optional repurchase from earnings and/or additional monthly contributions.

Use this calculator to estimate how much you can earn daily and monthly based upon how much you wish to invest in Bitcoin mining.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This spreadsheet is based on our recommended Bitcoin mining company, HashFlare, and will NOT be accurate for other mining companies.

(The spreadsheet embedded below WILL NOT APPEAR on iPads, iPhones or some Smartphones)

Bitcoin Mining IRA

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin Mining Contracts Utilizing IRA Funds...

Since its inception Bitcoin has experienced meteoric appreciation, with seemingly no end in sight.

Adding Bitcoin to your retirement investment strategy may be more prudent than maintaining your hard-earned money in interest-bearing accounts with dollar-denominated (fiat currency) investment assets such as stocks.

Bitcoin is the most revolutionary asset class of the 21st Century. Savvy investors have been quietly generating spectacular profits in this innovative asset class since approximately 2010.

Many early adopters have made millions investing in this exciting new currency.

IRS Cryptocurrency Rules

What Does the IRS Say about Bitcoin Investments in Your Tax-Advantaged IRA Account?

In 2014, the IRS officially ruled Bitcoin and other virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) as qualified investment assets that can be held in Tax-Advantaged Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Even better news is that they declared Bitcoin and other virtual (cryptocurrencies) as “property.” Click here for the IRS document detailing the rules for "Virtual / Cryptocurrency"

This IRS ruling is significant because it means that appreciation/depreciation in this virtual currency is deemed to be a capital gain/loss, as opposed to earned ordinary income.

Specifically, the IRS defined virtual currency status: “For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property. General tax principles applicable to property transactions apply to transactions using virtual currency.”

But, it took until late-Summer 2016 before a small number of IRA service providers for alternative investment vehicles realized the significance of this ruling, and began facilitating the purchase of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Contracts as qualified investments to be held in IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA, TSP.

Since then savvy investors have quietly been capitalizing on the IRS ruling; they are rolling over qualified funds into this attractive investment vehicle, whose value has surged in recent months, with no end in sight.

Investors may buy and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for long term appreciation.

Based on contractual terms with the mining companies, and the fluctuation of virtual currencies, investors earn generous, daily profits when they invest in Bitcoin Mining Contracts.

Retirement Savings Account owners may elect to purchase Bitcoin Mining Contracts with tax-advantaged IRA funds, and re-invest within their IRAs for maximum growth.

If you own a Qualified Tax-Advantaged Retirement Savings Account, such as IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, etc. you may now roll it over and invest your funds in Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.

In January 2017, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report providing guidance and clarity on the tax consequences of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments.

Taxes And Bitcoin

Currently Bitcoin Mining Contracts are yielding 10-15% per month.

Investing in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Mining Contracts within an IRA is no different than investing in traditional investment vehicles. However, traditional IRA custodians only service stocks and bond investments.

Bitcoin Mining IRA

How Do I Rollover Qualified Funds to Invest in Bitcoin and/or create a Bitcoin Mining IRA?

To invest qualified funds in vehicles outside of stocks and bonds, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Contracts (virtual, aka cryptocurrencies), real estate, businesses, mortgage notes, tax-lien certificates, private equity, etc., investors must transfer or rollover their traditional IRA to a self-directed IRA with an approved IRA custodian.

Rollover 401k into BitcoinBecause income generated from businesses qualify as valid IRA investments, some investors have even included assets such as cattle and trucks in their “alternative” aka self-directed IRAs. Now, they can also include Bitcoin Mining Contract IRAs.

Approximately 33% of Americans utilize IRAs as a retirement savings vehicle.

In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal focused on the importance of 401(k) holders to consider investing “like the pros” in alternative assets to optimize retirement portfolios. While not specifically mentioned in the image below, one such asset-class is Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Contracts

Wallstreet Journal 401k Alternatives

Why Choose Us for Assistance in Getting Started Right?

Unlike stock brokers whose efforts are divided among stocks, bonds and other types of IRA-eligible investments, our specialists are focused exclusively on virtual currency investments utilizing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining IRAs. is fully-insured, carrying $1 million dollars in coverage to safeguard consumers against fraud. 

We are a full-service facilitating provider that has contracted with the premier IRS-approved self-directed IRA custodian in the United States, who specializes in digital currency investment custodial services.

Our preferred service providers utilize state-of-the-art encryption and authentication measures conforming to the most rigorous industry standards.

Multiple keys protect against single-machine compromise or the loss of single keys.

Enhanced security features such as: kill switches, wallet freezing, 24/7/365 monitoring and 99.9% uptime protect against theft, which could otherwise result in the event of system compromise.

Once you have decided to set up a Self-directed Ira so you can begin enjoying the benefits of investing in Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin Mining Contracts, simply contact us and we will walk you through the easy process…

How Do I Set Up My Self-Directed IRA?

We Make it all Easy for you… Our services include:

  1. Facilitating the setup process of your Self-directed IRA with the premier virtual currency asset custodian in the United States.
  2. Facilitating the acquisition and full setup of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for those who also wish to participate in Bitcoin Mining Contract IRAs.
  3. Sourcing the most reputable Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Contract Providers
  4. Assisting in the transfer of funds from your current Retirement Savings Account custodian to your Bitcoin Self-directed IRA
  5. Assisting in the funding process of your Self-directed IRA with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining Contracts, or other virtual currencies of your choice.

Why Are IRA Investors Interested Now?

The skyrocketing increase in value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has sparked the interest of more traditional investors. Bitcoin has almost tripled in value since January 2017. Notably, Ethereum has surged over 900% during that same period.

Smart Investors Are Investing In Bitcoin

Banks Involved With BitcoinFinancial industry experts such as behemoth investment firm, Fidelity Investments’ CEO, Abigail Johnson is bullish on Bitcoin.

Fidelity accepts Bitcoin for employee payment in their cafeteria at their corporate offices. Ms. Johnson has recently announced that Fidelity Investments has just purchased highly specialized computer equipment to begin mining Bitcoin.

World-renown Billionaire, Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper predicts Bitcoin will reach $10,000 valuation in 2018. 

Tim Draper - Bitcoin $10,000 in 2018

Financial industry experts believe cryptocurrencies will one day soon be as commonly held an asset in IRAs as are stocks and bonds. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are a well-suited asset-class to be held in IRAs due to their deflationary nature, and their propensity to increase in value over time.

If you are ready to roll over some funds from your qualified, tax-advantaged savings to diversify into Bitcoin and/or a Bitcoin Mining Contract IRA we are here to help.

Now for Your Next Step...

Start "Mining" Bitcoin and/or Cryptocurrency On Your Own

We have partnered with the top Bitcoin mining companies in the world to take advantage of their robust mining infrastructure and mining power, for maximum daily returns, with full transparency.

These investments are 100% passive to you. You decide on the amount you wish to invest and you begin receiving returns the next day, and on a daily basis, thereafter.

Are you ready to learn the steps to get started?

If YES, please click the button below to learn the steps to get started with Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Mining.

Start Your Own Bitcoin or Bitcoin Mining "IRA"

Our team can assist you in rolling over part or all of your existing IRA into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining or other Cryptocurrency Investments.

Several components are required to properly obtain your own Bitcoin / Bitcoin Mining IRA... Let us get this setup for you.

Our financial services expert is Zaydee Rule. She has decades of experience and will be happy to assist you.

Zaydee is available 7 days a week, 9am - 7pm Mountain Time.

Contact Zaydee at:

Phone: (406) 518-1084


Ready To Get Started? Have Questions?

Do you have questions you want to have answered before you feel comfortable getting started growing your Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

We can help you with:

  • Obtaining the Best and Most Secure Bitcoin/Crypto Wallet
  • Funding Your Bitcoin/Crypto Account While Paying The LEAST Fees
  • Obtaining a Visa Debit Card you can use to access your Bitcoin Anytime
  • Getting setup in a "Mining Pool" to grow your Bitcoin/Crypto Portfolio SAFELY and CONSISTENTLY

Click Here To Learn The Steps To Get Started...

When you are ready to get your questions answered, give Randy a call. We look forward to helping you increase your Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Portfolio immediately!

Let Us "Walk You Through" The Process...

Please contact us directly when you want help getting started. Randy Rule will be happy to help you get started today.

Randy is available 7 days a week, 10am-7pm Mountain Time.

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