Venture Capitalist predicts $10k for a Single Bitcoin by 2018

Are you Invested in Bitcoin yet?

By most accounts, the title itself is a bold statement. But, let’s put it into perspective. According to the video below, in April 2016, Bitcoin was trading at $413… it was then that internationally acclaimed, Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper predicted that “one” Bitcoin would reach a valuation of $10,000, within three years…



Today, June 6, 2017, Bitcoin is trading around $2800+/-. If Tim Draper is right, are you still sitting by the sidelines, watching this wave swell – and pass you by – because you believe it is too late for you to invest in Bitcoin?

Here’s a “hindsight is 20/20” sobering thought: Did you know that had you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2010 (just 7-years ago), today it would be worth $35 million? If you are like me, I imagine you wish you had been able to ride that wave!

But there is still time to capitalize on the Bitcoin revolution… Ok, I am not expecting to yield that kind of return over the next 7-years, but I am expecting to yield a return in my Bitcoin portfolio that far exceeds other investment vehicles.

For example, my husband, Randy started a new Bitcoin mining account on March 16, 2017. As of today, he has more than tripled that investment! Not only does his Bitcoin mining account earn us daily returns, as an additional stream of income for our family, but the price of Bitcoin was $900 on March 16th, and today it is over $2800.  That alone translates to over triple ROI. During that period of time we also received daily revenue, increasing our ROI to well over triple.

There are several ways to invest in Bitcoin. Our favorite is Bitcoin mining because it yields daily returns from the mining of new Bitcoins, and it provides us a way to participate in the appreciation in the Bitcoin marketplace, which is also reflected in our daily earnings – perfect for those seeking an additional stream of income. Think about this: the difference in the price of Bitcoin alone in less than 3 months, has tripled since Randy made his investment! What legal investment do you know of, where you can boast that kind of return in the last 3+ months? And if the experts are right, the price of Bitcoin will reach upwards of $4,000 in 2017, and Tim Draper (above) says it may reach $10,000 during 2018.  The best part about the way we mine is that we have purchased a contract with one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies, and we passively receive daily income, based on their daily success in mining Bitcoin… and their mining accomplishments are fully transparent. You can literally “see” that the coins you are receiving are freshly minted on a daily- basis! Our daily fluctuations are of course, based on the daily value of Bitcoin…which has trended upward for quite a long time, with no end in sight. Therefore, our yield has been steadily increasing.

Here are a few facts you might not be aware of, that may cause you to reconsider your belief that you may be too late.

  • You can now invest in Bitcoin in your IRA or 401k…
  • If you are just starting to grow your nest-egg, and do not have a lot of money to get started, you can begin investing in Bitcoin by purchasing fractions of Bitcoin. While most people start with at least $10,000, you can open an account with as little as $50, $100, or even $1000, depending on your comfort level, station in life, and risk preference.
  • Opening a Bitcoin wallet (this is where you store your BTC) is free. Last year there were less than 5,000,000 BTC wallets. Today there are over 12,000,000 BTC wallets, and they are growing exponentially, daily. One must admit that kind of growth is incredible! To put that number in perspective, there are 7 billion people in the world. So, this number represents less than 1/100th of one percent of the world’s population, owning a BTC wallet… Meaning there is lots of room for growth because Bitcoin is still in its infancy!
  • In the last year, globally, Bitcoin transactions have doubled. While the amount of new BTC wallets have more than doubled, signally even greater transaction activity.
  • Numerous countries around the world have recently announced their complete acceptance of Bitcoin and integration of Bitcoin into their monetary system, as legal currency, alongside their countries’ own fiat currency (Japan, China, Norway, South Korea, Australia, India, to name a few). And, as stated earlier, in the United States, Bitcoin is now a valid investment vehicle for your IRA or 401k… that should tell you something.
  • In Europe, an estimated 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs are being installed as I write this article.
  • Experts say Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are predicted to reach $100 Billion in market cap “very soon”.
  • Hundreds of thousands of retailers, globally, now accept Bitcoin to pay for products and services. Below is a very short list of recognized company names that already accept Bitcoin for their products and services. This even includes some physician groups that have adopted Bitcoin as a form of payment for medical/surgical services rendered by them.

If financial guru, Tim Draper, as well as other experts are right, Bitcoin investment is still in its infancy – but market awareness is starting to pick up speed. Internationally, Bitcoin market penetration is experiencing lightning-fast acceptance.

Allow me to make one more point: In January 2013, Bitcoin price was $15 for a single Bitcoin.  Four years later in January 2017 it was $1015. A mere four months later, today, June 6, 2017 at 1401 PM, Bitcoin is at $2805.50 USD… Now that is what I call ROI!

If you believe that it’s time for you to at least begin performing your due diligence, please go to the website:  for more information. That website provides up-to-date information on “All Things Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.” While on that website, be sure to click on the page entitled: Recommended Bitcoin Investments ( , and play around with the calculator, as well as watch the video that explains the calculator’s parameters.

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