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Here at My Doctor Medical Group we support the use of Bitcoin virtual currency. Whether coming to us for treatment of a new sore throat, for immunizations before a business trip to India, for the complex care of a parent who’s home-bound with a stroke, or for something more sensitive like addiction to opiates, we offer a highly confidential and discreet experience at our offices in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

Privacy and security. We also offer house calls, on-site medical service in your home, hotel, or workplace. Your personal and business information is protected behind the HIPAA medical privacy regulations and our even-stricter practice policies. Our medical director Paul Abramson MD is a long-time advocate of personal privacy rights, and is committed to respecting the privacy needs of the most discriminating clientele.

But one important part of the confidentiality puzzle is payment. Using a credit or debit card to pay for services exposes your private information to the financial system and can’t be easily controlled. And it’s not always convenient or safe to carry around cash or other items of value.

So My Doctor Medical Group is now pleased to announce that we accept payment for medical services in Bitcoin (http://bitcoin.org/en/), the virtual currency that offers potentially heightened security and enhanced privacy. While it does take some extra effort to have complete anonymity using Bitcoin, it’s certainly a large improvement over a credit or debit card. For more information see the Wikipedia article on Bitcoin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin).

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