Bitmain Has Not Mined a Single Block of Bitcoin Cash So Far

There are many things we can learn from the initial launch of Bitcoin Cash. First of all, a lot of people sold their coins too early and will regret that decision by now. Secondly, Bitmain has no plans to support BHC for the time being. Otherwise, they would have mined at least one network block, which is not the case. This paints an interesting future for SegWit2x moving forward as well.

Putting all of the Bitcoin Cash price talks aside for a moment, there are some interesting facts. First of all, hardly anyone seems to mine BCH at this point. Not entirely surprising, as it is not exactly profitable to do so. Despite BCH going up in value, most miners wouldn’t even remotely break even. Even if they earn a marginal amount of Bitcoin through mining, that remains a more favorable option compared to Bitcoin Cash for now.

Secondly, it is surprising to see Bitmain not support Bitcoin Cash. Many people assumed the hardware manufacturer would jump on this bandwagon. That is not the case, as Bitmain has not mined a single BCH block on the network. It doesn’t appear their pool gives miners the choice either at this point. For all intents and purposes, the company will honor the SegWit2x agreement. A more than welcome surprise, all things considered. This stance can change at any given time, though.

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