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Now that you have decided to generate daily earnings to increase your cryptocurrency portfolio, here are the next steps:

  • STEP #1: Obtain a free Cryptocurrency Wallet to hold your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. SECURELY and with EASY ACCESS to your money
  • STEP #2: Purchase Bitcoin (or other crypto) to add to your Wallet
  • STEP #3 (Optional): Obtain a Bitcoin Debit Card
  • STEP #4: Start Mining
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Step 1: Choosing a Bitcoin/Crypto Wallet

There are dozens of Bitcoin Wallets available, and they come in 3 different types:

  • "Hot Wallet"
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Software Wallet

"Hot Wallets"

Secure Bitcoin WalletSo-called "Hot Wallets" are apps that hold your vital cryptocurrency information inside your smartphone and/or tablet. These are the most popular type of wallet.

"Hot Wallets" are called "hot" because the devices they work on are connected to the Internet. More discussion on the security risks associated with this below.

Your wallet data is securely saved on your device and is accessible only to you or those to whom you give access.

If you lose your smartphone or tablet, you can recover your wallet, your Bitcoin's values, etc. by inputting a unique, multi-word security code that you write down and SAVE SOMEWHERE SAFE (!) when you first setup your Cryptocurrency Wallet.

As with any other financial transaction via the internet, there is a small security risk associated with "hot wallets" because they are connected to the Internet... someone could potentially hack your device while you are using your wallet and obtain your access info. However, they would then also have to steal the device where your wallet resides... and then, input the hacked access codes to actually be able to steal your Cryptocurrency. We have never heard of this happening, but it could potentially occur, so be aware.

When getting started in Cryptocurrency investing, we recommend a "Hot Wallet" as these are the easiest to obtain and set up... plus the security of these wallets is excellent in spite of the example we just gave.

Hardware Wallets - "Cold Wallets"

KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware WalletHardware wallets come in many shapes and sizes, but most resemble USB thumb drives/flash drives.

This type of wallet is also called a "cold" wallet because it is not connected to the Internet.

These wallets hold your wallet data within the hardware wallet itself and no one can access your cryptocurrency without actually having the hardware wallet in their physical possession - as well as have your unique access codes (password)

These are definitely the most secure type of wallet, but they are also the most cumbersome... and there is a hidden security risk: losing the hardware wallet.

If you lose your hardware wallet, we do not believe there is any way to retrieve your Cryptocurrency value. In our opinion, this can be VERY DANGEROUS.

If you want maximum security for your wallet (which is of course very important if your wallet contains a large value of cryptocurrency) AND you KNOW you can keep from losing your hardware wallet, this is the way to go.

Software Wallets

Software wallets are the oldest and most primitive form of Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Software wallets hold your wallet data/value on your computer. This can be both secure or not secure, depending on the situation.

Losing Your WalletThere are horror stories about people who have thrown out old computers or had hard drives crash, with cryptocurrency software wallets installed. Unfortunately, that cryptocurrency is now lost to the owners and the World forever.

Again, this is potentially a more secure way to hold your cryptocurrency, but you must gauge if it is right for you... and keep in mind that like hardware wallets, software wallets are more cumbersome to work with on a daily basis.


NOTE: A "software wallet" is NOT a "cold wallet" as the computer it resides on is usually connected to the Internet and could potentially be hacked.

The Ultimate Solution: Multiple Wallets

The fact is that each wallet type has its own important and more specialized use, and since you can easily and cheaply exchange cryptocurrency value between them for virtually no cost, the best solution is to have multiple wallets.

A "hot wallet" is best for making regular online and offline transactions utilizing your cryptocurrency.

A "cold wallet" (hardware wallet) is great for holding large values of crypto securely, with little risk of your value being stolen. Keep your hardware wallet somewhere safe (like inside a safe or safety deposit box) and you will have maximum security with little risk of loss.

So... To get started as a cryptocurrency investor, we suggest you start off with a "hot wallet" to get going; then obtain a hardware wallet and keep your large value assets there.

"Hot Wallet" Recommendations:
Obtain One of These FIRST to Get Started... They are FREE

Bitpay Wallet

The Bitpay wallet is also known as the "Copay" wallet. They are both created by the company Bitpay. This wallet is very well considered within the Bitcoin community and as long as you have only purchased Bitcoin, it will work great for you.


Jaxx offers more features than most other wallets, is well reviewed by people in the crypto community, and most importantly, Jaxx allows you to control multiple cryptocurrencies within one wallet.


Blockchain has been providing Bitcoin Wallets for longer than everyone else. It is considered a great Bitcoin wallet to get started. Blockchain only supports Bitcoin, so if you will be purchasing other cyptocurrencies, you will need to obtain an additional wallet.

"Hardware Wallet" Recommendations: Once you have a Large Portfolio of Cryptocurrency, we Recommend you Obtain One of These Wallets, for Maximum Security


Ledger hardware wallets provide the security of a hardware wallet with the best price. Ledger's wallets perform well and of course, provide the security of a hardware wallet without the higher price.

Ledger is our top recommendation for a hardware wallet.


Trezor makes the most popular wallets in the industry and their hardware wallets provide a lot of functionality.

Trezor wallets are on the more pricey side, but the greater number of features make up for their pricing.


Keepkey is the third big player in the hardware wallet industry.

Their wallets look unique and provide some powerful features.

They are priced in the middle of the market, but they have great products.

STEP 2: How to Buy Your Bitcoin/Crypto FAST and at The BEST PRICE

Bitcoin vs Fiat Currency

Option #1: Get Your Bitcoin FAST!

To start investing TODAY in Bitcoin, the best method is to buy Bitcoin/Crypto with a credit card.

Before you can purchase more than $150 of Bitcoin, your account must first go through a "purchasing account verification," but CoinMama makes that fast and easy.

The highest "instant" limit available from reputable vendors is from CoinMama (don't let the name fool you, this is a legitimate organization!).

You can purchase $150 of Bitcoin with CoinMama instantly without verification of any kind.

If you would like to purchase as much as $5,000 worth of Bitcoin TODAY, CoinMama's account verification process is easy and fast.

After you submit the required information, your account will be ready to purchase up to $5,000 in Bitcoin within a couple hours.

Option #2: Purchase Your Bitcoin/Crypto at the BEST PRICE!

If you can wait a 3-5 days (with the price of Bitcoin rising so quickly, this can be tough), you can obtain the best price for your cryptocurrency.

Your best rates in the industry are from Coinbase.

Coinbase requires you to link your bank account in order to purchase Bitcoin (they also offer Ethereum, Litecoin and several other cryptos), and this takes a little time... But the wait can be worth it as long as the cryptocurrency you are interested in is not experiencing fast appreciation.

Once your bank account is linked with your Coinbase account, you can purchase up to $10,000 of crypto a week (in increments of $2,000 a day). CoinMama allows higher limits than this, but again they charge more.


Option #3: Purchase Over $10,000 of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

If you wish to purchase over $10,000 of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you will use Kraken.

Kraken is one of the largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges, providing the ability to trade Cryptocurrency in a manner like Forex Trading.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to trade your Cryptocurrency on Kraken (nor would we recommend you do) to use them to fund your Wallet and use your funds to purchase Mining Contracts.

To purchase over $10,000 worth of Crypto for a great price, Kraken is the best choice.

You will need to provide supporting documentation to verify your identity... like opening a bank account.

Once your account is verified, you fund it by wiring funds to Kraken. After your wire has cleared you can withdraw your Crypto funds to any Wallet you have set up.

Kraken is our top recommendation for funding your Wallet with more than $10,000 because of the higher funding limits and low cost.

STEP #3 (Optional): Get a Bitcoin Debit Card

If you want easy access to spend your Bitcoin anywhere a credit card is accepted, you will want to sign up for the Bitpay Debit Card.

This card works just like any other Visa Debit Card, except you add funds to it through your Bitcoin Wallet.

This is what we use, and we love them.

The best current option for these is the Bitpay Debit Card. We recommend it and it only costs $9.95 in Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency MiningSTEP #4: Start Mining!

Now that you have your "Cryptocurrency Eco-System" in place, it is time to take maximum advantage of the Bitcoin and Crypto "Boom" and start increasing your Cryptocurrency Portfolio every day.

We suggest you take action right away so you can begin generating daily payments... every day you wait, you run the very real "risk" that your cryptocurrency of choice will appreciate and you did not capitalize on that appreciation.

To start mining today, signup with one of our recommended mining pools...

The list of our recommended mining organizations is on this page.

You can now begin earning reliable, consistent returns engaging in a legitimate business. We believe you WILL be happy you did.

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