We Recommend Mining Bitcoin with "Hashing24"...
Here is Why

Review of Hashing24

Reason #1: Hashing24 is a Bitcoin Mining Industry Leader

Hashing24 has been in Bitcoin mining since 2012. In 2014 they opened their mining platform to the public. Hashing24 is rated as one of the Top 3 Bitcoin Mining operations in the World.

An important factor that sets Hashing24 apart is their strategic partnership with "BitFury"...  more about that relationship next...

Reason #2: Hashing24 is Partnered with "BitFury"

BitFury is the top manufacturer of Cryptocurrency mining hardware. "Pros" and large organizations use BitFury hardware to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Hashing24's partnership with BitFury  was conceived to provide public to access to BitFury's World leading hardware and robust mining capabilities.

If you visit Bitfury.com and scroll to the bottom of their homepage, you will notice a link to Hashing24. Hashing24's link is referenced there to indicate the partnership/relationship between BitFury and Hashing24 - with Hashing24 being the BitFury's "public face" offering Bitcoin Mining services to clients.

For additional verification simply go to public record "Blockchain Hashrate Distribution." There you will see BitFury/Hashing24 listed as top miners in Bitcoin. Click here to visit the daily "Blockchain Hashrate Distribution" page.

Bitfury Mining Hardware
Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Distribution

Reason #3: All Mining Profits Can Be Verified As Real...

Unfortunately, there are several companies promising great returns in the Cryptocurrency Arena that are simply NOT involved in any form of legitimate business, but instead are Ponzi Schemes using one investor's money to pay another investor...

In contrast, Hashing24 is fully transparent. All Bitcoin mining transactions are accessible and verifiable via the publicly accessible "Ledger." The "Ledger" is publicly available at https://blockchain.info/.

This website is designed to provide daily, ongoing "all things Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency" in real-time.

Reason #4: Hashing24 Provides You The Highest Profit Margin...

As part of due diligence, BitcoinInvestment.news has purchased Bitcoin Mining Contracts with all 3 Top Providers: Hashing24, Genesis Mining, and HashFlare.

IN so doing, it was easy to "crunch the numbers" to discover a clear "winner" when it comes to which mining farm offers the highest profit margin...

The Winner Is: Hashing24

Considering cost of contracts, maintenance fees and daily return in Bitcoin, Hashing24  surpassed the other providers, in terms of profitability, by about 20%... nothing to ignore!

Currently, Hashing24's returns about 0.5% of your invested capital 24/7/365. The other providers return about 0.4% daily after all costs.

Best Hashrate Returns

Next Step... Get Started!

Obviously, Hashing24's superior profitability might be the most enticing reason to choose it. However, when you also include Hashing24's relationship with BitFury, plus consider the fact that Hashing24's business model and fiscal viability is completely verifiable through public sources, they stand alone as our highest recommended provider for Bitcoin Mining.

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