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Doctors are at the higher echelon of income-producing professions, but they do not capitalize on their professional income stream to develop financial freedom.  While they are highly educated, doctors are also woefully lacking in financial education. Often, creating additional streams of income through leveraged/passive/residual investments seems to be an alien concept to them.

Typically, doctors are so busy trying to stay ahead of changing times in their medical profession, that they do not have time to research financial options.

Being A Doctor Is One of The Most Difficult “Jobs” You Can Have

The erratic healthcare climate, and its ensuing negative impact on doctors’ incomes has created massive dissatisfaction and anxiety. Financially, doctors are at the mercy of ever-decreasing third-party reimbursements for their rendered services, which, increasingly, is resulting in them feeling a sense of vulnerability.

Witnessing their professional income dwindle, as reimbursements continue to decline, even the highest-income producers are increasingly and frantically wondering how and when they might be able to retire.

The good news is that there is a passive/residual solution to this dilemma for healthcare and other high-income professionals.

The better news is that the solution does not include adding more work hours to their already hectic schedules. Nor does it require staying on top of a stock portfolio that requires prudent vigilance and constant predictive analysis.

The best news is that doctors can make a one-time investment to immediately create an additional monthly income stream. They can passively watch their investment grow, exponentially in preparation for an accelerated retirement. They can also enjoy the benefits of potential asset appreciation.

Who Am I To Talk…

As a healthcare Revenue Generation Consultant for the last two decades, not a day goes by where I do not hear a common physician’s lament. In recent conversations with two prominent San Diego doctors, Nassir Azim, MD, and Lucy Miller, MD they each expressed some disappointments with their chosen professions, while assertively reaffirming their love of medicine, especially as it relates to treating and interacting with their patients and colleagues.

The constant bombardment with intrusive regulations, followed by lack of financial and time-freedom were among their top disillusionments. They both cited increased office hours past their last patient visit, to complete ever-increasing arduous “charting” requirements – necessary to receive lower and lower reimbursement. More family and personal time were top on their wish lists. They both see retirement as something that continues to extend farther into their futures. Sound familiar?

Doctor Disappointment

There Is an Answer

In addition to sharing ancillary revenue-generation options with physicians – to increase the bottom line of their medical practices, I have recently resorted to sharing non-healthcare related, personal financial income-producing vehicles that can passively augment, diversify and potentially supercharge whatever financial strategy a doctor may already have in place.

In a book I recently read, passive income enthusiast, Tom Black, MD poignantly states It is not enough to be ‘rich’. WEALTH is freedom. It gives us choices and removes a lot of stress.” I add to that, TIME is the ultimate freedom, but freedom of time cannot be accomplished without financial freedom.

If any of the statements in this article thus far resonate with you, I invite you to consider a little-known asset class that has emerged over the last decade, and has already achieved a market cap exceeding $100 billion! Now, that’s impressive.

Investors are quietly diversifying into this dynamically appreciating business sector and reaping generous rewards, to the tune of 15%+ per month.

Fidelity & Cryptocurrency

What is a Bitcoin Mining Contract?

Have you heard of Bitcoin, particularly, Bitcoin Mining Contracts? Abigail Johnson, CEO of behemoth Fidelity Investments, is bullish on Bitcoin Mining. She recently announced that Fidelity Investments has purchased Bitcoin mining equipment to begin mining their own Bitcoin… interesting diversification. Their corporate office accepts Bitcoin in their employee cafeteria as payment for their food items, and they intend to eventually add Bitcoin investments to their portfolio management services.

World-renown Billionaire, Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper believes Bitcoin will reach valuation of $10,000 per Bitcoin in 2018… as of this writing, June 19, 2017, it is valued at approximately $2538+/-. To put that in perspective, in March 2017 Bitcoin was at $920+/, so Tim Draper may be onto something big.

Tim Draper Tim Draper


How Do Bitcoin Mining Contracts Work?

Bitcoin Mining Contracts are becoming ever-more popular among savvy investors seeking an attractive asset class with upside potential.  Bitcoin Mining Contracts are earning an enviable $15-20% per month. Compounding these returns can significantly augment overall annual yield.

While Bitcoin itself is similar in nature to Gold (on a virtual platform) Bitcoin Mining Contracts are somewhat similar-to an annuity, issued by insurance companies. The annuitant pays a lump sum to the insurance company in exchange for a passive stream of income, known as an Annuity Contract.

The insurance company’s business model is to invest the money provided by the annuitant, with the goal of obtaining a higher yield or profit, than it pays to the annuitant. Annuity monthly payments are “fixed” in their monthly amount – the annuitant does not participate in the company’s increased profits, or upside.

In a Bitcoin Mining Contract the mining company’s business model is to solve complex mathematical algorithms and add transactions to the Bitcoin public “Ledger” in exchange for being rewarded Bitcoin. These transactions are visible to the public at . The Mining Company receives ongoing income by processing transactions and earning a fee for validating and confirming the veracity of each transaction, much like Mastercard or Visa merchant transaction processing fees.

Mining Profits Are Verifiable, With Full Transparency

The amount of Bitcoin a Mining Company earns each day from “mining” is also public record and can be verified on the public, third-party “Hashrate Distribution Chart”: .

The top mining “pools” and independent operations can be clearly recognized on the “Hashrate Distribution Chart”.

How “Mining Contracts” Are Different…

Unlike annuities, Bitcoin Mining Contract investors are paid a much higher rate of return, relative to an annuity. Also, the investor participates in the increasing value of Bitcoin as part of their yield. Thus, a Bitcoin Mining Contract, whose underlying contract rate is approximately 15% per month, will receive a greater return as Bitcoin valuation increases.

Purchasing a Bitcoin Mining Contract that offers a residual/passive, attractive income stream, can solve some financial concerns for physicians and other professionals who seek a hands-off vehicle to accelerate financial and retirement goals.

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